Emma Rowlandson-O’Hara is from Salt Spring Island, BC, where she learned to play the trumpet from Dawn Hage. She went on to obtain her Bachelor’s of Music from McGill University, where she studied with Russell DeVuyst and Edward Carroll. Now based in Toronto, in addition to belonging to the Vox Aeris Trio, Emma freelances as a soloist (with a particular affection for piccolo) and with several chamber and orchestral ensembles in the GTA. She arranges music (from Brian Eno to RJD2) for the Trio, and various other instrumental combinations. She is a Director of Music at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, and often works with amateur choristers. Emma teaches trumpet, piano, and voice privately for students at Northmount School, and she teaches in-home for Albano Piano Lessons in the East End.

When she was eight, Emma chose her instrument because of a children’s novel she’d read: E.B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan. This initial experience of interdisciplinary formation continues to diversify her musical expression; music is an opportunity to take the promise of joyfulness seriously. Emma’s interest in literature, improvisation, personality, and history allows her to constantly explore form and value to new depths.

Some of her past projects include: